Tim Fuller was born at an early age in the quiet little river town of Portsmouth, Ohio. He grew up on a steady diet of animation and comic books. Among his first favorite characters were Popeye and Bullwinkle. He quickly began causing trouble with his own cartoons. During third grade little Timmy failed to realize that art time had ended and the class had moved on to arithmetic. His punishment was swift and severe as his desk was moved into the hall where he stayed for the next hour or so. On the bright side, Timmy was able to continue drawing while serving his punishment. But to this day, his math skills remain poor. In spite of these limitations, he managed to graduate from Ohio University with a degree in graphic design and illustration.

During high school and college, Tim’s primary influences were Walt Kelly and Vaughn Bode. He had discovered Kelly’s “Pogo” in the mid-‘60s in the collected paperbacks that reprinted the newspaper strips. In the early ‘70s, Tim met Bode at several comic conventions before his untimely death in 1975. Always very generous with his time to his fans, Vaughn encouraged Tim to give up his plan to be just another superhero artist slaving away at DC or Marvel and instead pursue his own unique vision through his cartoon creations.

While working day jobs at various agencies and corporations, Tim joined the growing ranks of cartoonists self-publishing their work in the wake of such successes as “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “Cerebus.” Tim began publishing cartoons in Hooha Comics in 1978. He contributed the comic book series "The Blue Beagle," to Fantagraphics’ Critters and "Cap'n Catnip" to Charlton Bullseye. Tim contributed strips and cartoons to various fanzines and magazines, including The Comic Buyers Guide and Starlog.

Over the years he has provided design and illustration services to Ashland Inc., SuperAmerica, FRCH, Charlton Comics, Fantagraphics Books, Axxis Inc., Slatts Pub, Huntington Quarterly, Saint Joseph Drama Club, Saint Rita School for the Deaf, Wags Dog Park and many others.

In 2007, after a self-imposed exile from comics, Tim returned to actively drawing cartoons again. He collected his various “Blue Beagle” stories into one book. After a visit to The Small Press Expo in Columbus, Ohio, Tim began the task of assembling a Cincinnati-based anthology of comics. For most of 2009, he was consumed with this project, deliciously titled Twelve-Way with Cheese. It was a collaborative effort that brought together a dozen like-minded Cincinnati artists who branded themselves “The Zombie Marge Comix Group.” They created stories for the 112-page comics anthology, available now from Indy Planet.

His ongoing projects include the online adventures of Zombie Marge and rewriting Golden Age stories for future issues of SHAM Comics. His plans also include a second issue of Cap’n Catnip with all new stories. Given some free time, he would like to develope a black-and-white noir graphic novel; Jack Hammer, Hardboiled Hare in "Farewell My Dummy," the tale about a rabbit detective investigating the murder of a popular ventriloquist.

Tim currently resides in northern Kentucky, outside Cincinnati, sharing a home with three dogs, two cats, an occasional bat or two and his ever-patient wife, Debby.

If you like what you see on this site, contact Tim at:
Tim Fuller (tfuller@hoohacomics.com)

And check up on Tim at www.zombiemarge.blogspot.com